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How Lucky Do You Feel?

Sweepstakes are the dream of many looking to cash in big. These types of contests can randomly choose winners or you can pick which contests that you want to enter. The most popular sweepstakes has to be Publisher's Clearing House. You are chosen randomly and you get notified by mail. Then a series of letters arrive with things to purchase and letters that have to be mailed back in order for you to win the million dollar prize. Sweepstakes seem like a long shot, but some actually do win big.

There are things to consider when entering into sweepstakes mania and there are ways to increase your winnings with contests like these. Odds of winning play a big part in handing out the prizes. If you play a sweepstakes with less odds, then your chances increase. Less people equals more chances and prizes for me, maybe. Also sweepstakes with unique prizes or ones that require a person to write fiction or poetry or submit photography cause less people to enter that particular online games for girls type of sweepstakes. When people have to do something more than pay for a ticket, they tend to opt for contests with less and easier work for them to do. It's a "here's the money, where's my million dollar ticket?" attitude.

Entering a contest more than once does exactly what it says it will do. It can double, triple or quadruple your chancing of winning the big one. This tip makes perfect sense and is easy to do. It may cost you a little more or maybe nothing at all and the payout could be more than worth it. Also entering sweepstakes that have several cash and/or non cash prizes are the best to help you win big. Just think of it as the more there is to win, the better chance that I have to walk out to enter.